Here are some frequently asked questions from prospects and the appropriate answers:

Both digital and classic the drawing time is:

  • Only for heads with the top of the body: 4-5 minutes per person.
  • The whole body: about 6-7 minutes per person.

Important note: each face needs a extra short time for itself.

Logically, it makes no significant difference when couples or multiple faces and people are drawn on a sheet or a template.

Between 10 and 15, depending on the type of execution and the style ... and of course of the event. Of course, if one after the other comes without significant interruptions, it is possible to draw moren than with interruptions.

For the best recognition value the best perspective is either from the front or in the 3/4-profile (half profile or diagonally from the front). Pure profiles drawing do not offer that much and, frankly, do not look so funny either.

Both classic and digital, either sitting on the easel or mobile with the drawing board from table to table. It all depends on which is best for which event. You can also combine both actions. The most effective is already the fixed place. We are happy to advise you.

Live caRICKures are offered in these different and special styles

  1. Ink (only black and white) - DIN A4 or DIN A3 - The very fastest style!
  2. Ink (black and white with shades of gray) - DIN A4 or DIN A3 - The most popular style!
  3. Ink (black and white with shades) - DIN A4 or DIN A3 - The second most popular style!
  4. Chalk (olive brown) - DIN A3 (only individuals) and on request DIN A2 (for couples)
  5. Pencil - DIN A4 or DIN A3


  1. iPad

Not at the different classical character styles. At the digital drawing the fee is bit more expensive. This is due to the time it takes to prepare the technology, as well as the fact that this digital drawing style is a special kind of sustainability for companies.

High-quality, white 250g drawing paper. On request and free of charge with a gray area in the middle. So the caricatures look like printed in a passe-partout and thus even more decorative.

In classical drawing:
With pleasure. You simply supply a printable file and receive a draft. Not only your company logo, we also can print a theme or a slogan matched with the event.

In digital drawing:
A digital template will be created  in advance with your company’s branding/logo and/or slogan. Additionally graphics, illustrations or product drawings only available with a extra charge.

With ink and pencil as standard on A4 or A3 paper. With chalk the single person is drawn on A3 and pairs as well as 3 persons on A2 paper. For other sizes or oversize please inquire individually.

In classical drawing:
Usually the finished work is rolled up with a rubber band. For safe transport of your caricature you get a very stable white cardboard shipping bags in A3 for a small extra charge. You may can fix a company sticker, then it will be even more personal for your costumers.

Another great idea ist hat you attach all caricatures to a long rope and at the end of the event your costumers or guests can pick up their picture. So they can look at each other‘s caricatures. We are pleasure to give you more informations.

In digital drawing:
The caRICKatures are printed in advance in 10x15 cm or in DIN A4, depending on what is desired. By the way the provision of a mobile printer is always included in the fee.

For digital sending we have two options:

  1. The pictures can be sent directly via email or AirDrop (only with Apple).
  2. At first, the customers/guests only get the printout of their caRICKatures. Your company receives all caricatures (via download link or via USB stick) after the day of the event and only sends them to the customers/guests afterwards. 

This is a special kind of sustainability, because you can send additional information by e-mail in addition to the picture. Incidentally, every caRICKature is always named directly with the name and/or e-mail address of the drawn person. So a later assignment is easy. This procedure has proven itself very well.

In classical drawing:
Yes, in pencil and ink 3-4 people (heads) can be drawn on a DIN A3 format. For caricatures with the whole body, it is more useful and decorative to draw a single person. If you absolutly want two peoples with their whole bodies on one paper, that’s also possible, but not faster.

In digital drawing:
Here we can always draw several people on a picture. But it's not faster than with one person. Every caricature takes time, as described above.

For a performance up to 4 hours, maximum 15-20 minutes. For a longer appearance accordingly.

LIVE drawing means entertainment for ALL. This does not offer the drawing for photos at events at all and does not provide the desired effect. At fairs and events, the caricatures are therefor created exclusively by people on site. But in some cases there are exceptions to drawing photos.

Unfortunately not. I only draw on live events.

Depending on this, you can receive a booking option of up to 14 days.

As already described above is drawn on an iPad. If an enlarged live view of the resulting caRICKatures is desired for digital drawing, the large screen/television (with HDMI connection) would have to be provided and set up by the client himself. ALL other necessary connections between iPad and screen, as well as multiple plugs, etc. are brought. Depending on what kind of performance it is and where it is, caRICKaturist RICK can bring a TV (surcharge). Please ask in advance.