Live performances by fast-drawing artist and caricaturist RICK

The minimum booking time for appearances of fast-draw artist RICK is basically three hours on weekdays and four hours on weekends. Exceptions may be events in the Cologne area with a minimum of 3 hours on weekdays and weekends.

A booking is considered binding if the appointment and the duration of the performance has been confirmed by both parties verbally or by e-mail.

The client ensures suitable conditions for the work of fast drawing artist RICK at the place of performance. Important is sufficient lighting. A dimmed or dim dinner lighting is not suitable, as well as flickering or changing lighting. In such cases, the client has to provide for an additional light source and for a power connection within a radius of 5 m from the drawing site. In addition, the client must provide two chairs as well as a table for digital drawing. Should the artist find irregular conditions contrary to verbal and written agreements which make drawing considerably more difficult, he is entitled to cancel the performance prematurely, whereby 100 percent of the agreed fee and all costs associated with the order are still charged.

A free cancellation of a booking is possible within three days of order confirmation. Thereafter, 50 percent of the agreed fee (net) will be charged as a cancellation fee. If the booking is canceled up to seven days before the performance, 100 percent of the agreed fee will be charged. Excluded from this regulation are cancellations caused by events of force majeure.

Already booked trains, flights and overnight stays as well as other costs incurred up to now, which are connected with the order, will be charged to the client in any case.Since caricatures are satirical interpretations and oversubscription, no guarantee can be given that the client will like the live drawings made on site. Artistically, artistic freedom comes into its own. It will respond to customer requests in order to achieve the best possible result. A right of return or discount due to discrepancies in taste is excluded.

For classic drawing, the standard drawing sheets are printed on the back with the internet address of RICK ( If the client does not wish this imprint, this must be announced at least 14 days before the date of publication. In case of late announcement, a processing fee of 0.30 Euro per drawing sheet will be charged. Digital drawing (iPad) will not display an Internet address on any printouts.

The client communicates the correct billing address when booking and, if necessary, a cost center or order number. For double-processed invoices and / or reminders, a processing fee of 10 euros will be charged.

The German law applies.

Drawings after photo template
Orders of caricatures after photo template will not be accepted until further notice